Last Mile Delivery

Jen & Mike wish they could shop online more.

But they live in the city and have had so many bad delivery experiences that they've given up on package delivery of anything that doesn't fit through their mail slot or in their backpack.

Doorman removes delivery anxiety with 1-hour scheduled delivery windows when your customers are actually home.


How It Works


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Sell more to prospective customers

More than 33% of online shoppers don't ship online purchases to their home because of the anxiety that comes with the package delivery process.

Expand your addressable market in metropolitan areas by offering your customers 1-hour scheduling windows using Doorman.

Control the post-purchase experience

Nearly half of online shoppers prefer text notifications over email updates. Doorman provides you and your customers with end-to-end package tracking and real-time visibility into every moment of the package delivery process.

Keep your customers informed with branded notifications and real-time delivery updates.

Spend money on getting sales, not on logistics

Up to 20% of deliveries fail on the 1st attempt to residential buildings in urban areas. Guess who's paying for those less-than-optimal delivery experiences?

Goodbye, redelivery surcharges. With Doorman, 99% of all scheduled deliveries are successful on the first attempt.

Give customer support a breather

54% of online shoppers place blame on the retailer for a botched delivery experience. Say goodbye to all those 'WISMO' customer support calls.

Our delivery dashboard lets your support team have real-time, end-to-end visibility into the package delivery process and respond to customer inquiries with ease.

Request a free delivery experience for your customers

1. Schedule

Your customer selects the Doorman delivery option on your ecommerce checkout page.

2. Confirm

When the package is ready, your customers receive a branded link to re-schedule their delivery date and time.

3. Notify

Your customers are notified via branded text message when the Doorman driver is on their way and when they have arrived.

4. Hand-deliver

A friendly Doorman driver arrives at your customer's home to hand-deliver their online purchases.


Everything you need to turn new one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Flexible scheduling

Customers have three separate opportunities to schedule their package delivery.

Delivery re-scheduling

Last minute delivery changes? Customers can reschedule, on their own, at any time without calling your customer support team.

Delivery confirmations

Know the exact moment your customer receives their delivery.

Nothing to download

All you need is a web browser. No app installation necessary.

Branded customer communications

Every delivery touchpoint is branded to put your business front and center and keep your customers informed.

End-to-End Tracking

Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility of deliveries - from order confirmation to customer signature.


Transform How Your Customers Buy Online