About Doorman

  • What is Doorman?

    Doorman is a mobile app that simplifies package delivery and shipping.

    The app allows you to schedule a delivery or pickup time for your online purchases (or anything else) to your door at your convenience.

    We deliver packages and pickup your shipments, seven days a week, from 6 pm to midnight.

  • Where is Doorman available?

    Doorman is available in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City. Check out our Cities page to see if your neighborhood is in our coverage area.

    If we haven’t launched in your city yet, tell us where to expand to next.

  • Didn't I see Doorman on TV?

    Yep! And we got a deal!

Shipping pickup

  • How do I ship a package or a return?

      Items for shipping pickup must be packed, taped, and affixed with a prepaid shipping label.

      If you are not on a monthly plan, pickups cost $5 per visit plus $2 for each additional package. If you're on a monthly subscription, returns are included in your plan as part of your visit and package limits.

      On iOS:

    • Use the Doorman app to select the size of the packages to be picked up for shipping and a convenient pickup window between 6 pm to midnight.
    • Hand your packed items to your friendly Doorman driver and they will be shipped the next business day.
    • Packages over 40 lbs or 60 linear inches (l+w+h) will incur a minimum $8 fee.
    • On Android:

    • Android users can either hand packages to their driver when they have a package delivery, or email our friendly customer support team at help@doorman.co to schedule a pickup.
  • Do you package shipments too?

    Not yet! Items for shipping pickup must be packed, taped, and affixed with a prepaid shipping label.

  • Can I pickup my packages from you?

    Unfortunately our facilities are equipped for staff only.

  • Can I track my shipped packages?

    You can track your shipped package status in the History page of the Doorman app. At the moment, this feature is only supported on our iOS app.

Getting Started

  • How do I get started?

    To start, you’ll need to make sure we service your neighborhood — you can see which areas we deliver to by clicking on your city on our Cities page.

    Then you’ll need to download the Doorman app — which you can download for free and is available for both iOS and Android.

    After you sign up and select a pricing plan, you'll get your own unique shipping address at our secure warehouses.

    You can start shipping your online purchases (or anything else) there immediately.

  • How do packages get delivered to me?

    • Ship your online purchases (or anything else) to your Doorman Shipping Address including your unique customer number provided at signup (which you can always find in the app).
    • Once we receive your package at our secure warehouse, it gets scanned into our system, and you'll get a notification letting you know that it's ready for delivery scheduling.
    • Use the app to see your packages that are ready for delivery.
    • Select a delivery window to schedule your package delivery, same day or weeks away.
    • You will get notified once when the driver is on the way, and again when they have arrived at your door.
  • How do I ship a package to someone?

    • Pack the item(s) you would like returned in a box and affix a prepaid return label to it.
    • Go into the app, tell us the the size of the packages being picked up.
    • Use the Doorman app to select a convenient pickup window between 6 pm - midnight.
    • Hand your packed items to your friendly Doorman driver.

    Once we receive your package, our operations manager will scan your package(s) into our system and dispatch it to the address specified on the package.

Paying for Doorman

  • How much does it cost?

    You have the option to choose between a flexible, pay-as-you-go, a la carte plan ($5/ visit or $2/ package) or three recurring monthly subsciption plans.

    • Plus: $29/month
    • Pro: $49/month
    • Premium: $89/month

    For more details about what's included in the plans, check out our pricing page.

    There is no minimum commitment for the monthly subscription plans. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

  • Do large package deliveries cost extra?

    In some cases, yes. Many of our monthly subscription plans include large package deliveries at no additional charge.

    Packages over 40 lbs or 60 linear inches (l+w+h) will incur a minimum $8 fee, depending on which plan you are signed up for.

    Any packages that require a two-person delivery team require 24 hours advance scheduling notice and will incur a $50 minimum charge.

    Please check with our customer service team at help@doorman.co to confirm the delivery price and let us know when to expect it!

  • Am I expected to tip the delivery driver?

    Our amazing drivers are well compensated; tipping is not expected.

  • How long will you hold packages?

    We can hold the packages for 30 days at no extra cost. After 30 days, we will charge a storage fee of $0.50/day per package.


  • Can Mom send me packages?

    Definitely! As long as the package has your Doorman Shipping Address on it, it will be scanned and prepared for delivery like always.

    Easily share your Doorman Shipping Address with friends and family from the Doorman Address page of the app.

  • Can I get wine shipped to me?

    We’ll take care of the signatures required to receive your wine deliveries on your behalf, and deliver it on your schedule.

    When your Doorman driver arrives, we do require signature and proof that you're over 21 (using driver's license, passport, or military ID).

  • What else can I use Doorman for?

    You can use your Doorman Shipping Address for pretty much anything. Here are some common uses:

    • Meal kit services (Blue Apron, HelloFresh, etc..)
    • Personal stylist subscriptions (Rent the Runway, Trunk Club, StitchFix)
    • Home goods (Bed, Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma)
    • Furniture (Restoration Hardware, West Elm, Pottery Barn)

Package Recycling

  • Can I schedule a pickup for package recycling if I'm not on the Premium plan?

    No, this service is only offered to our premium plan subscribers.

  • How can I get my empty boxes picked up?

    If you are a Premium plan subscriber, simply hand over your cardboard recycling to your driver when you have a delivery or pickup scheduled.

  • Do boxes need to be collapsed, stacked, tied or secured in any way?

    Our drivers would appreciate it, but no, there is no requirement for breaking down boxes.

  • What is the limit for any one pickup?

    There is no limit. If you think you're going to have a large amount of boxes, give us a heads up so we know to bring a bigger vehicle.

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