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Per Delivery & Monthly Plan Pricing

Our A la carte plan is perfect if you only plan to buy online or send products back every so often.
With no monthly subscription, you only pay when you get packages delivered or picked up.

Our monthly plans are ideal for avid online shoppers.

A la carte

$5 /visit + $2 /package


$ 29 /month
$ 19 /month 34% Off


$ 49 /month
$ 39 /month 20% Off


$ 89 /month
$ 79 /month 11% Off

Over the monthly limit? No problem, receive additional packages at the A La Carte rate ($5/ additional visit or $2/ additional package).
* Doorman monthly plans are for consumer use only. To use Doorman for your business, please contact our sales team.

Sending large packages? We have you covered.

Large packages require extra storage or two-person delivery teams. Below is a guide to Doorman’s oversize pricing.

Oversize Weight(lbs) or Linear Inches (W+L+H) Price
Tier 1 41 - 50 or 61-80" $8
Tier 2 51 - 60 or 81-100" $15
Tier 3 61+ or 101"+ $30
2 Person Deliveries requiring a 2-person team will incur a minimum charge of $50 and requires 24 hour notice.
Need Doorman For Your Business?

We have larger plans made specifically for SMB and Enterprise use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Doorman offer a free trial?

    It’s free to set up an account and get your first package delivered for free. But to receive any additional packages delivered, you’ll need to pay-as-you-go or choose a plan.

  • Is there an annual plan?

    Most of our customers sign up for monthly plans. At the moment, we do not offer an annual plan.

  • What payment types are accepted?

    We accept most credit cards for our personal plans. For high-volume small businesses and larger organizations, we also support invoicing.

  • What currencies are accepted?

    The prices above are in USD.

  • If I start off with one membership plan, can I upgrade to a different plan later? Can I downgrade?

    Changing plans is simple. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time in the Doorman app.

    If you are downgrading from a plan that offers extra features (i.e. 1-hour delivery windows or box recycling pickup), you will be charged for those features if you continue using them.

  • What if I go over my plan’s delivery limits?

    If you use up your deliveries for the month but haven't met your package limit, you'll be charged $5 for your next delivery.

  • What if I go over my plan’s package limits?

    If you use up your package volume for the month but haven't met your delivery limit, you'll be charged $2 per package on your next delivery.

  • Can I upgrade to a 1-hour delivery window for a single delivery if I'm on the Plus plan?

    Yes, you can upgrade to a shorter delivery window for $5 in the app.

  • How does billing work for a plan upgrade?

    If you upgrade to a higher plan during your billing cycle, you will be charged a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the time within that pay period.

  • Which plans are exempt from large package fees?

    The Pro plan includes packages up to 50 lbs or 80 linear inches and waives the $8 fee.

    The Premium plan includes packages up to 60 lbs or 100 linear inches and waives the $8 and $15 large package fees.

    All plans are subject to oversize pricing for shipments requiring a two-person team. Learn more about two-person deliveries.

  • What is box recycling pickup?

    If you purchase most things online and have a lot of boxes piling up around the house, we'll happily pick them up for you.

Not Sure Which Plan is Right For You?

Email us or call us toll free at 1-888-630-6610.